5 of the Best Deltoid Exercises to Do at Home

4. Standing dumbbell press

The dumbbell press can be done either standing or sitting position, but a standing position will work a wider range of muscles. Start with a lighter weight and increase it gradually until finding a weight that can be lifted with good form for about 10 reps.

What muscles does the standing dumbbell press work?

Primary muscles worked by the standing dumbbell press:

Depending on the grip and angle used, this exercise will target the posterior, anterior and overall shoulder area.

Secondary muscles worked by the standing dumbbell press:

This exercise can also help produce growth of the triceps and upper chest.

Benefits of the standing dumbbell press

1. The standing dumbbell press helps target the front deltoid

Although this exercise works all of the deltoid muscles of the shoulder, using dumbbells offers the unique benefit of having more activation of the front deltoid.

2. The standing dumbbell press helps correct shoulder strength imbalance

This exercise can help identify if there is an imbalance in shoulder strength, and can subsequently help in correcting it.

Instructions for the standing dumbbell press

1. Hold the dumbbells next to the shoulders with palms facing the front and elbows bent at a 90° angle to the sides.

2. Maintain a straight back and push the dumbbells above the head.

3. Return slowly to the start position.

4. Repeat the sequence for the desired amount of repetitions.

This exercise can be done with 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions, meaning that the above steps need to be repeated for 8 to 12 times with 1 -2  minute break before repeating the set another 2 or 3 times.Standing Dumbbell Press