5 of the Best Exercises for Side Delts You Can Do at Home

4. Barbell upright row

Upright rows are great for training the side delts. Experiment with different grips to find what works best for you.

What muscles does the barbell upright row work?

Primary muscles worked:

The primary muscles worked by this exercise are the lateral delts.

Secondary muscles worked:

The secondary muscles worked by this exercise are the front delts, trapezius and biceps.

Benefits of the barbell upright row

1. Helps build bigger and stronger shoulders

This exercise primarily targets the anterior and lateral heads of the deltoid. It is a great movement that will increase their size and strength.

2. Helps build bigger traps

This exercise also strengthens the traps and rhomboids.When you do the upright row exercise, try using a narrow grip if you want to target your trapezius muscles – this will allow you to lift the barbell to a greater height. If your middle, upper back and shoulders are more of a concern then go ahead and use a wider grip.

Instructions for the barbell upright row

1. Holding a barbell with the palms facing you and slightly bending the knees, breathe in and brace the abs.

2. While exhaling, lift the weight towards your chin. Keep your elbows up and to the sides by flexing your shoulder muscles to lift the weight. Keep the arms parallel with the shoulders.

3. Pause momentarily before lowering the barbell while inhaling, returning it to the starting position.

Barbell Upright Row