5 of the Best Shoulder Impingement Exercises and Stretches

4. Standing Internal Rotation Is One of the Best Shoulder Impingement Exercises

You will need an elastic stretch band of comfortable resistance to perform the standing internal rotation also called the resistance band shoulder internal rotation.

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), this exercise targets the posterior deltoid, teres minor and infraspinatus muscles. These muscles are connected to the rotator cuff, humerus, and scapula. The scapula muscles, in particular, allow rotation of the long arm bone (humerus) inwards towards your body.

To do standing external rotation:

1. Tie the ends of an elastic band together to make a 3-foot-long loop.

2. Attach the loop to a stable object such as a doorknob.

3. Stand about 2-3 feet away still holding the other end of the elastic band loop.

4. Hold the band with the elbow bent and at the side.

5. With the elbow held close to the side, slowly rotate the arm outward.

6. Squeeze your shoulder blades together when pulling your elbow back.

7. Slowly return your arm to the starting position and repeat.

8. Do 3 sets of 8.

You should feel the stretch of the internal rotation in the back of the shoulder and the upper back. Experts recommend performing this exercise 3 days per week. You may increase to 3 sets of 12 reps as it becomes easier for you to do the exercise.

Standing Internal Rotation