5 of the Best Shoulder Impingement Exercises and Stretches

3. The Doorway Stretch Is One of the Best Shoulder Impingement Stretches

The doorway shoulder stretch, also known as the pectoral stretch, is one of the popular exercises for impingement of the shoulder. This functional stretch targets the pectoralis muscles in your chest and increases the range of motion. The technique also allows you to stretch both sides of your chest and reduce tension on your shoulders.

To do the doorway/pec stretch:

1. Stand in a doorway.

2. Warm up your muscles by spreading your arms out to the side.

3. Grip the left and right sides of the doorway or door frame.

4. Position each hand at or slightly below shoulder height.

5. Holding the position, lean forward through the doorway as you shift your weight onto your toes.

6. Keep your back upright as you lean forward.

7. Lean until you feel a slight stretch in the front of your shoulders.

8. Hold this position for 15 to 20 seconds before returning to the starting position.

9. Repeat the doorway shoulder stretch 3-6 times.

Doorway Stretch