• Is There an Association Between Food Coloring and ADHD?

    The Truth About Food Additives Infographic

    The discussion over a possible association between food additives and an array of childhood behavioral issues like ADHD, has carried on for many years, fueled by the desire of parents to find a treatment that doesn’t…

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Alzheimer's & Dementia


  • Fighting Back Against Breast Cancer Infographic

    Resveratrol Prevents Breast Cancer Growth

    Researchers demonstrate that resveratrol, the ingredient which is  found in red wine, prevents the growth of breast cancer cells by stopping the growth effects of estrogen. These study results suggest that resveratrol…

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  • chillies

    Chilli Infographic

    According to studies, spicing up one’s diet with a bit of red pepper can help curb appetite, particularly for those who don’t usually consume the popular spice. The researchers discovered that eating red pepper…

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  • Migraine-Triggers

    Migraine Triggers Infographic

    Migraine is a neurovascular condition which affects approximately 15 percent of western society. Compounds found in food items as well as beverages (wine, chocolate, citrus, etc) regarded as migraine triggers include…

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Flu, Colds

  • The-Good-Immune-Guide-Infographic

    The Good Immune Guide Infographic

    Exercise could have both a negative and positive effect on immune function, in combination with genetics as well as external factors such as poor nutrition, stress and lack of sleep. Various levels of exercise can in…

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Asthma & Allergies

  • Asthma-Infographic

    Asthma Infographic

    Cockroach allergen exposure can play a role in the higher asthma incidence seen in some New York City areas. Researchers found that cockroach allergens were considerably higher in homes situated in neighborhoods…

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Sleep Disorders


  • Brain

    The Role the Brain Plays in Muscle Fatigue

    The Role the Brain Plays in Muscle Fatigue The extent to which we are able to activate our muscles voluntarily depends on motivation and will power or the physical condition and level of muscle fatigue, for instance.…

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Eye Disorders

Mental Health

Addiction and Substance Abuse