Calcium and Vitamin D Combination to Reduce Osteoporosis Risk

Understanding Osteoporosis Chart

If a bone density scan has indicated you are in danger of osteoporosis, research reveals that an effective strategy is increasing dietary vitamin D and calcium or taking vitamin D and calcium combination supplements. For most men and women, prescription bone-building medications ought to be a last resort. The research revealed that individuals increasing…

Top 10 Trending Plastic Surgeries Of 2015

Cosmetic Surgery Infographic

Mankind in this decade brazenly welcomes innovative strategies and even the older ones. In the past, individuals did not favour any type of cosmetic surgical procedure, as they claimed that it’s fake and also hazardous. Due to many new innovations and inventions, plastic surgeries have lessened the dangers and are now much less luxurious,…

(Ustrasana) Camel Pose Benefits

Camel Yoga Pose

The camel pose benefits the spine and the front of the body by providing an intense stretch. It helps to relieve backache, helps strengthen the lower back, helps correct rounded shoulders, and stimulates the thyroid gland and kidneys. The camel pose is not to be practiced if high blood pressure, a herniated disk, or…

Herbal Remedies Could Be Recommended For Postmenopausal Symptoms

Herbal Medicines Infographic

Herbal medicines could be recommended instead of hormone replacement therapy for the treatment of postmenopausal symptoms. Menopause is the time after the menstrual periods of a woman have stopped and is linked to a deficiency of estrogen. It could cause an increase in genitourinary symptoms, hot flushes, and joint pain as well as mood…

Risk For Bladder Cancer From Smoking Has Increased

Cancers Caused By Smoking Infographic

Smoking and bladder cancer risk is higher than previously reported, and the risk for bladder cancer in women smokers is the same as that of men. Over 350,000 people are diagnosed with bladder cancer every year globally, which includes over 70,000 each year in the US. Research has proven the risk for bladder cancer…

An Antioxidant Skin Cream Proven to Improve Health of the Skin

Mitochondria Infographic

A study has shown that a MitoQ antioxidant skin cream can help reduce appearance of wrinkles. Fine lines, scars, skin discoloration, red areas, brown spots and UV spots were also reduced. MitoQ is a mitochondria targeted form of Coenzyme Q (CoQ10).  It’s designed to accumulate within mitochondria to protect against oxidative damage. Studies have…

People with High Cholesterol Levels Have Greater Risk of Alzheimer’s

Steps to Lower Cholesterol Infographic

According to research, people with high cholesterol levels could have a greater risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers discovered that high cholesterol levels are very much associated with brain plaques linked to Alzheimer’s disease. For the research, 2,587 persons age 40 – 79 with no indications of Alzheimer’s had their cholesterol levels screened….

Moderate Alcohol Consumption Protects Against Heart Disease

Benefits of Red Wine Infographic

Research has proven that moderate alcohol consumption of about a drink a day is associated with a 14-25% reduced risk of developing heart disease in comparison to not drinking alcohol at all. A balance however needs to be found between the bad effects of excessive alcohol consumption, and the health benefits of alcohol consumption…

Diabetes Around the World Infographic

Diabetes Around the World Infographic

The risk of gestational diabetes can be determined up to 7 years before pregnancy based on assessing measures of body weight and blood sugar routinely. 580 ethnically diversified women participated in the study and women who experienced gestational diabetes while pregnant were compared to those who didn’t have gestational diabetes. It was found that…

Coffee and Tea Infographic

Coffee and Tea Infographic

A study which monitored the thinking and memory processes of people over the age of 65 has found that all individuals with higher caffeine levels had avoided the start of Alzheimer’s disease in the 2 to 4 years of the study follow up. Coffee seemed to be their main or only source of caffeine….