Strawberry Infographic

Strawberry Infographic

According to research, freeze-dried strawberries could be a drug substitution for preventing oesophageal cancer. Oesophageal cancer is the 3rd most commonly encountered gastrointestinal cancer as well as the 6th most frequent reason for cancer mortality worldwide. The researchers are investigating oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma, which accounts for 95 % of cases of oesophageal cancer…

Coconut Oil Can Help In The Fight Against Tooth Decay

10 Health Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil Infographic

Coconut oil that has been digested is capable of attacking the bacteria that can cause tooth decay. According to scientists, it’s a natural antibiotic which could be integrated into commercially made dental hygiene products. Researchers tested the anti-bacterial activity of coconut oil in its natural state as well as coconut oil which was treated…

How to Increase Anti Cancer Effect of Broccoli

10 Broccoli Benefits Infographic

Consuming broccoli 3 to 5 times a week is enough to provide its potent anti-cancer benefits, but research has provided evidence that shows that the way broccoli is prepared is extremely important. Researchers have provided compelling evidence that how broccoli is prepared and consumed matters, and they also reveal that combining broccoli with broccoli…

Study Suggests Too Much Vitamin D Could Be Bad For Your Health

What You Need To Know About Vitamin D Infographic

Scientists know that vitamin D deficiency is unhealthy. However, a study now suggests that too much vitamin D isn’t healthy either. The research is based upon blood samples from 247,574 people. Vitamin D is important in helping calcium get to our bones, and so reducing the risk from falls as well as the chance…

Blueberries Can Reduce High Blood Pressure

Blueberry Health Benefits Infographic

According to research, blueberry consumption can help prevent high blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the main cardiovascular diseases in the world. Hypertension contributes to stroke and heart disease and is costing over $300 billion every year. About 25 % of the adult population is affected worldwide, which includes 10 million individuals…

Brain Function In Autism Improves With Oxytocin

What Is Autism Infographic

Results from research reveals that oxytocin, a substance made naturally in the brain as well as through the entire body, enhanced brain function in areas which have been identified as processing social information in kids having autism spectrum disorders. According to the researchers, the results provide crucial steps toward developing better solutions for treating…

Moderate Exercise Significantly Reduces High Blood Pressure Risk

20-Minute Upper Body Interval Workout

According to research, if there is a parental history of high blood pressure, risk of developing the disease can be significantly reduced with moderate exercise. In a study of over 6,000 people, those who had a parent with high blood pressure but were highly fit had a 34% lower risk of getting high blood…

Yoga Can Help Stroke Victims Improve Balance

Yoga for Starters Infographic

Statistics relating to strokes and falls are bleak, with research revealing that strokes can increase the risk of falling by 4 times and drastically increase the risk of breaking a hip following a fall. Approximately 80% of individuals who have strokes will also have impaired balance to some degree. Research which presented a yoga…

Science Based Evidence of Health Benefits of Herbal Teas

Medicinal Teas-Infographic

Individuals who enjoy the caffeinated boost that arises from consuming traditional teas and coffees could very well have a tendency to overlook the benefits of consuming herbal teas. Researchers now confirm the notion that herbal teas can provide a number of health benefits is no longer just folklore. The researchers have investigated the science…

Post Workout Protein Blend Best For Building Muscle

Protein Infographic

The outcomes of a study report that a protein blend of whey, soy and casein is better to consume post workout for muscle building. The protein blend used in this research revealed an increase in an individual’s “anabolic window”, or how much time it will take for muscle building to take place post workout….