• Measurements of Hand Movement Control May Help Determine ADHD Severity

    An Inside Look At ADHD Infographic

    Research shows that the ability of ADHD children to stay attentive and vigilant significantly worsened after losing less than 60 minutes of sleep each night for a week. Researchers indicate that even modest reductions…

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Alzheimer's & Dementia


  • Fighting Back Against Breast Cancer Infographic

    Resveratrol Prevents Breast Cancer Growth

    Researchers demonstrate that resveratrol, the ingredient which is  found in red wine, prevents the growth of breast cancer cells by stopping the growth effects of estrogen. These study results suggest that resveratrol…

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  • hotpeppers

    Chili Peppers Infographic

    A study has revealed that adding chili peppers to meals substantially increases diet-induced thermogenesis. Although a tolerable dose of hot pepper only increases metabolism by 21 calories, this small boost to the…

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  • Migraine-Triggers

    Migraine Triggers Infographic

    Migraine is a neurovascular condition which affects approximately 15 percent of western society. Compounds found in food items as well as beverages (wine, chocolate, citrus, etc) regarded as migraine triggers include…

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Flu, Colds

  • Flu

    How You Just Got The Flu Infographic

    One of  the most common benefits of echinacea is to help ease symptoms as well as reduce the duration of flu. Researchers have shown that echinacea improves immune system activity, and can help reduce inflammation…

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Asthma & Allergies



Sleep Disorders


  • Hack-Your-Fitness-Infographic-crop

    Hack Your Fitness Infographic

    The physical demands of surfing have been revealed in 2 studies involving professional surfers. In one study surfers were fitted with tiny, state-of-the-art waterproof heart rate monitors and GPS units that were…

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Eye Disorders

  • Understanding-Glaucoma-Chart

    Understanding Glaucoma Chart

    Glaucoma is among the main causes of irreversible loss of vision. It’s a class of disorders which could result in damage of the optic nerve and can lead to vision loss as well as blindness. Markers that glaucoma…

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Mental Health

Addiction and Substance Abuse