Regular Exercise Could Protect the Brain from Silent Strokes

Regular Exercise Could Protect the Brain from Silent Strokes

According to a study, regular moderate to intense exercise could protect the brain from “silent strokes,” small brain lesions that are the first sign of cerebrovascular disease. Cerebrovascular disease is a group of brain disorders related to disease of the blood vessels that supply the brain. Cerebrovascular disease includes all disorders in which an…

Protein Drinks Play Critical Role in Maximizing Effects of Exercise

Ab Pyramid Workout

Research has revealed that protein drinks help individuals build stronger muscles compared to those who consume carbohydrate drinks. The study shows that what an individual drinks immediately after exercise plays an important part in maximizing the effects of exercise. The study reveals that consuming protein drinks following aerobic activity increases the training effect after…

30 Minutes Of Exercise Infographic

30 Minutes Of Exercise Infographic

According to research, varying degrees of exercise can significantly decrease or increase the likelihood of getting a respiratory infection. Whilst regular moderate exercise helps to reduce the chance of getting cold-like infections, lengthy periods of strenuous exercise, like marathons, could make a person more susceptible. Upper- respiratory tract infections are infections which have an…

Dark Chocolate Substance Enhances Skeletal Muscle Function

Natural Cocoa And Dark Chocolate Infographic

A study has revealed that individuals having advanced heart failure as well as diabetes type 2 exhibited improvements in mitochondrial structure following 3 months of consuming dark chocolate bars and epicatechin (a flavonoid present in dark chocolate) enriched cocoa. The research studied 5 profoundly ill individuals having serious damage to skeletal muscle mitochondria, the…

Sleep Deprivation Harms Blood Vessel Function

Understanding Sleep Disorders Chart

The impact that partial sleep deprivation has on breathing control and blood vessels has been examined in a study, and it was found that sleep length reduction over 2 consecutive nights results in impaired breathing control and less healthy vascular function. For the first 2 nights 8 healthy adult individuals aged 20 – slept…

Surfing And Its Positive Effects On Mind And Mood

Surfing 101 Infographic

Research shows that a half hour of surfing can increase positive effects and decrease negative effects on the human body. Surfing and the benefits of it have been studied and discussed in a research paper to determine the effects it has on both body and mind. The research was specifically designed to show how…

Another Heart Disease Infographic

Heart Disease Infographic

A study has found that those who consume alcohol moderately are 14-25% unlikely to develop heart disease as opposed to those who consume no alcohol whatsoever. Read the full-length article: Alcohol in Moderation Protective Against Heart Disease According to other research, consuming just one sugary drink each day increases heart disease risk by 20%….

Why Should I Consider Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser Eye Surgery Explained

Wearing glasses or contact lenses can be cumbersome and irritating. Apart from the physical discomfort, you also have to deal with multiple, continuous appointments with an optician, as well as recurring costs, such as those for replacing frames or lenses. You have the chance to be rid of the hassle of having to wear…

Shorter Warm Up Results In Significantly Less Muscle Fatigue

What Is Your Running Technique Infographic

A study suggests that athletes may want to lower the intensity and reduce the amount of time that they warm up to reduce muscle fatigue. The research indicates that longer warm ups could sabotage performance. The notion came to a researcher while watching sprinters warm up before a race. Sprinters, cyclists or short distance…

Facts About Tea Processing Infographic


Tea is considered one of the most commonly drunk beverages in the world, as well as one of the most thoroughly researched because of the possible health benefits. Research shows that tea is good for heart health and blood pressure, and is related to a reduced risk of heart disease. Black tea can improve…