• ADHD by the Numbers Infographic

    ADHD by the Numbers Infographic

    The controversy over a possible connection between food additives and an assortment of childhood behavioral issues, such as ADHD, has continued for many years. Read the full-length article: Is There an Association…

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Alzheimer's & Dementia




  • Migraine-Triggers

    Migraine Triggers Infographic

    Migraine is a neurovascular condition which affects approximately 15 percent of western society. Compounds found in food items as well as beverages (wine, chocolate, citrus, etc) regarded as migraine triggers include…

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Flu, Colds

  • Vitamin Chart Infographic

    Is Vitamin C Useful For The Common Cold?

    Vitamin C appears to be especially beneficial for individuals under intense physical stress. In five studies of people with intense short term physical stress, the incidence of the common cold was cut in half with the…

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Asthma & Allergies


  • Are Your Bad Habits Slowly Killing You Infographic

    Type 2 Diabetes Risk From Sitting Too Much

    Research has revealed that women who remain sitting down for long time periods each day tend to have a higher type 2 diabetes risk, but the same association was not evident in men. The researchers said that women who are…

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Sleep Disorders

  • Sleep Apnea In America Infographic

    Sleep Apnea In America Infographic

    According to research, choosing a Mediterranean diet in addition to physical activity could help to ease certain sleep apnea symptoms. The study examined the effect a Mediterranean diet could have on sleep apnea symptoms…

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Eye Disorders

  • Understanding-Glaucoma-Chart

    Understanding Glaucoma Chart

    Glaucoma is among the main causes of irreversible loss of vision. It’s a class of disorders which could result in damage of the optic nerve and can lead to vision loss as well as blindness. Markers that glaucoma…

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Mental Health

  • Manage-Stress-Infographic

    Manage Stress Infographic

    Stress has overtaken back pain as the biggest cause of long term sickness, according to a report conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, so it is vital we discover what we can do to eliminate…

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Addiction and Substance Abuse