• Is There an Association Between Food Coloring and ADHD?

    The Truth About Food Additives Infographic

    The discussion over a possible association between food additives and an array of childhood behavioral issues like ADHD, has carried on for many years, fueled by the desire of parents to find a treatment that doesn’t…

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Alzheimer's & Dementia

  • 8366761227_ef13d55d85_o.png

    Coffee and Tea Infographic

    A study which monitored the thinking and memory processes of people over the age of 65 has found that all individuals with higher caffeine levels had avoided the start of Alzheimer’s disease in the 2 to 4 years of the…

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  • Cancers Caused By Smoking Infographic

    Cancers Caused By Smoking Infographic

    Bladder cancer risk among smokers is more than previously reported, and the risk for women smokers is the same as that of men. Over 350,000 people are diagnosed with bladder cancer every year globally, which includes…

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  • Migraine-Triggers

    Migraine Triggers Infographic

    Migraine is a neurovascular condition which affects approximately 15 percent of western society. Compounds found in food items as well as beverages (wine, chocolate, citrus, etc) regarded as migraine triggers include…

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Flu, Colds

  • Colds and Flu Infographic

    What Are the Benefits of Echinacea?

    There are nine species of echinacea that are known of, and Echinacea purpurea is considered to be the most effective and is also the most commonly used species. Benefits of Echinacea Research has suggested that echinacea…

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Asthma & Allergies

  • Asthma-Infographic

    Asthma Infographic

    Cockroach allergen exposure can play a role in the higher asthma incidence seen in some New York City areas. Researchers found that cockroach allergens were considerably higher in homes situated in neighborhoods…

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  • Beating Diabetes Infographic

    Consuming 3 to 4 cups of coffee each day could help in the prevention of type 2 diabetes. Regular and moderate coffee consumption has consistently been associated with a possible lower type 2 diabetes risk. 3 –…

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Sleep Disorders

  • Insomnia Epidemic Infographic

    Insomnia Epidemic Infographic

    A study indicates that individuals having primary insomnia could be able to get help by using a cap which cools the brain while sleeping. According to the study, a decrease in metabolism in the brain’s frontal cortex…

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  • What-Is-Peak-Fitness-Infographic

    What Is Peak Fitness Infographic

    One huge advantage of peak fitness exercise is that a gym is not required. A peak fitness routine can be performed two times a week with any kind of exercise. A peak fitness exercise routine normally looks like this: 3 minute…

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Eye Disorders

  • Cataract-Awareness-Infographic

    Cataract Infographic

    The most commonly performed surgery is cataract surgery, with over 1.5 million of these surgeries performed each year. Cataract surgery is required when a cloud forms in the lens of the eye, resulting in double and blurred…

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Mental Health

Addiction and Substance Abuse