What Can You Do with a Doctorate in Nursing?

Are you considering studying for a doctor of nursing practice but wondering what kind of careers it could lead to? Or you’re just not sure what kind of career you’d like once you finish your studies and want to make sure you have options. Holding a doctorate in nursing practice doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a nurse, there are several different career paths available to you.


Many graduates choose to work in research based roles as a research nurse. This path would put you at the forefront of medical research, working towards discoveries that could change lives, finding cures and treatments, but also conducting research into methods of practice and how they can be changed for the better. This is an exciting and challenge role, it would suit someone who really enjoyed their studies and would like to learn more.


A lot of nurses who hold a Doctorate of Nursing, choose not to work as a practicing nurse; this is a personal choice and that option is certainly still open to you. You could choose to take a job in a hospital, doctors surgery, or you could specialize in a surgical hospital. You would be able to work in a leadership role, and be in a unique position to use your knowledge to become an expert in public health, and really educate those patients you care for. This would be ideal for those who really enjoy the patient care side of nursing, and feel they would miss it in a different role.


You would also be qualified to take up a job in management of practices or hospitals, Supervising the nurses working under you, as well as dealing with hospital policies and administration. This role would allow you to directly influence policy and change the way hospitals are being run, using your knowledge and expertise to influence management decisions.


Choosing to teach is another option that might appeal to you, if you have a desire to help other nurses just starting out, to pass on your knowledge and inspire a new generation. Teaching is a fantastic career, and you’d certainly have a lot to give the profession.


This is a career path that appeals to many. Working within the healthcare sector of government organizations as an expert of public health, you would be in a position to work with the governments of other countries as well as our own, to help tackle global healthcare issues. You could be a force in changing national and international policies and agendas on healthcare.

When people first start studying nursing, they often do it out of a desire to help others. If you study to a doctorate level, you are in a position to help in many different ways and will have the options to work in many different professions, locations and fields of medicine. You’ll be able to follow the path that truly excites you, and make a very real difference to the field in question.