Trikonasana Benefits [Triangle Pose]

Trikonasana Benefits F

Trikonasana benefits the body’s flexibility, straightens and elongates the spine, helps to strengthen the legs, arms, ankles and feet, and opens the area surrounding the hips. This pose replicates the triangle’s innate stability, a geometric form which embodies support, balance and strength.

While breathing rhythmically and deeply, focus on being still while holding the pose. Be aware of being filled by the strength and solidity of the triangle and the knowledge of the solid foundation of the core that cannot be shaken.

How to do triangle pose:

1. Take a position with the feet separated approximately 3 feet apart.

2. While moving the right foot 90 degrees out, move the left foot approximately 30 degrees in towards the right.

3. While inhaling, stretch the arms out from the shoulders so a T is formed.

4. While exhaling, slowly bend to the right.

5. Lower the right arm to the right shin and extend the left arm up towards the ceiling.

6. Ensure that the shoulders are aligned, as if stacked over the right knee while keeping the spine extended.

7. Without straining, look up at the thumb if possible, and slowly inhale and exhale.

8. Slide the right hand further down the leg while the left side of the body is relaxing and opening up. Ensure the upper body remains properly aligned,and hold for a few breaths.

9. Feel the endurance grow, and envision the self as a steady and strong triangle.

10. Return the arms back up to a standing position to release.

11. Rest after which the pose can be reversed.

Triangle Pose Benefits:

Strengthens the feet, ankles, knees, legs, chest and arms

Strengthens the neck, back and abdominals

Stretches the groin, hips, calves and hamstrings, spine, shoulders and chest

Stretches the spine, shoulders and chest

Stimulates digestion and the abdominal organs

Reduces stress and anxiety

Relieves back and pain sciatica

Trikonasana Benefits

Image Source – mindbodygreen