Benefits of Bhujangasana [Cobra Pose]

Benefits Of Bhujangasana F

Benefits of bhujangasana pose include toning of the buttocks, back, and kidneys, as it expands the abdomen, chest, and rib cage, and firms the throat and neck. The lower back and pelvis is also replenished with the cobra pose, with increased circulation and a fresh blood supply.

How to do cobra pose:

1. Lie facedown with the forehead touching the mat. Keep the feet close together with pointed toes.

2. Keep the hands beneath the shoulders, with the palms down and the elbows next to the body.

3. While engaging the abdominals, feel the creases of the hip pressing into the floor.

4. While inhaling, curl the upper body 2 to 3 inches off the floor as the chest, shoulders, chin, nose, and forehead is slowly raised. The pelvis stays on the floor.

5. Lifting the hands off the floor, feel the muscles in the lower back strengthening. Maintain for three breaths while making sure the shoulders are down away from the ears.

6. Return the hands to the floor and slowly lower the upper body onto the floor.

7. Place the hands underneath the shoulders with bent elbows and next to the body.

8. While engaging the abdominals, press the palms in to the floor, as the chest, shoulders, chin, nose, and forehead is slowly raised off the floor. The shoulders are away from the ears and kept down. The elbows are kept bent at 45 degrees or less, and the navel stays on the floor.

9. Lengthen the neck and look straight ahead, holding for 3 to 5 breaths.

10. The upper body stays raised.

11. If it feels comfortable, turn the head to the right and look back at the right heel. Hold for a moment then lower the head and slowly turn it to the other side, looking at the left heel.

12. Return the head to the center. While exhaling, gradually start to lower the body from the waist to the forehead.

Cobra pose benefits :

  • Strengthens the muscles in the arms, shoulders and back
  • Helps to strengthen the spine
  • Firms the buttocks
  • Stretches the abdominals, chest and shoulders
  • Helps to relieve fatigue and stress
  • Helps to relieve sciatica
  • Helps to relieve asthma symptoms
  • Stimulates abdominal organs
  • Increases flexibility of the spine
Benefits Of Bhujangasana

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