Swimming Calories Calculator

Swimming is not only an extremely effective way to burn calories, it’s far more gentle on the body compared to other activities, and can be an option even when suffering from injury.

How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn?

To figure out how many calories burned swimming, a unit called a MET (metabolic equivalent of task) is used for the estimation of amount of energy expended while engaging in physical activity. This unit measures how hard the body is working relative to rest. When the body is at rest, the rate of energy output is 1 MET, which is equivalent to 1 calorie/kg of bodyweight per hour.

The MET values for various physical activities come from reliable sources and have been published in the compendium of physical activities. The calories burned from swimming are calculated with the MET value of the swimming intensity and your body weight.

The calorie calculator for swimming below lists 15 different swimming activities of varying intensities.

Calories Burned
How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn

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