Prunes Help to Prevent Bone Loss and Protect Against Risk of Fractures

Prunes Help To Prevent Bone Loss And Protect Against Risk Of Fractures

A study has found that consuming prunes every day helps to preserve the hip’s bone mineral density and protect against a greater risk of fracture in postmenopausal women.

Bone mineral density is known to rapidly decrease following menopause and women older than 50 have a greater risk of experiencing fractures of the hip, which commonly results in hospitalization, loss of independence, a diminished quality of life, and a shortened life span.

This study shows that prune consumption has a favorable effect on the hip’s bone mineral density and suggests prune consumption as a therapeutic option for protecting the health of bones. This large randomized controlled trial involving postmenopausal women revealed that the consumption of 5 – 6 prunes every day protected from bone loss at the hip.

The study results support the consumption of prunes for protecting against post-menopause bone loss of the hips. The results may be particularly valuable for postmenopausal women who can’t make use of pharmaceuticals for bone loss and who require an alternative approach.

Previous studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects that consuming prunes every day can have on bone loss prevention in postmenopausal women. This current study was a large clinical trial that included 235 postmenopausal women.

The results revealed that women consuming 50 grams of prunes every day for 1 year maintained hip bone mineral density in comparison to those not consuming prunes who lost significant bone mass at the hip. Also, the risk of hip fractures increased in the control group in comparison to the group consuming prunes who were protected from any increase in the risk of hip fractures.

Just a few prunes every day can be easily included in anyone’s lifestyle. Prunes pair with so many textures and flavors and can be adapted to individualized nutrition plans. The sweet flavor of prunes makes them a versatile ingredient as well as a convenient snack and can be mixed into smoothies, trail mixes, savory dishes, salads, etc.

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