5 Proven Health Benefits of Avocados

5. Eating an avocado every day can help reduce harmful belly fat

According to a study, consuming an avocado every day can help promote a healthier belly fat redistribution profile.

In a randomized controlled 12 week study, 105 obese and overweight individuals were provided 1 meal each day. Women consuming avocado included in their daily meals had a decrease in deeper visceral abdominal fat.

There are 2 kinds of fat In the abdomen: fat that collects right beneath the skin, known as subcutaneous fat, and visceral fat that collects deeper in the abdomen surrounding the internal organs.

People with a higher percentage of deeper visceral fat have a greater risk of diabetes. The researchers set out to determine if the visceral to subcutaneous fat ratio changed with the consumption of avocado.

The individuals were split into 2 groups with 1 group given meals that included avocado, with the other group consuming a meal with almost the exact same ingredients and corresponding calories but didn’t have avocado.

Abdominal fat and glucose tolerance, a diabetes marker was measured at the start and conclusion of the 12-week study.

Females who consumed an avocado each day as part of their meal had a decrease in visceral abdominal fat and experienced a decrease in the subcutaneous fat to visceral fat ratio, suggesting a fat redistribution away from the organs.

Distribution of fat in males however didn’t change, and neither females nor males had glucose tolerance improvements.

Although daily avocado consumption didn’t change glucose tolerance, a daily diet that includes an avocado affected the way people store body fat.

Eating An Avocado Every Day Can Help Reduce Harmful Belly Fat

Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay