(Kapotasana) Pigeon Pose Benefits

The pigeon pose benefits the chest and hip areas, while stretching the thighs, hip rotators and flexors, and aligning the pelvis and increasing the pelvic floor circulation.

  • Start in the table position, with the knees underneath the hips and the arms underneath the shoulders.
  • Cross the left foot over and position it in the front of the right knee. Slide and stretch the right leg straight back. Put a pillow underneath the left hip if the stretch is too strenuous.
  • To align the hips, shift the right side of the chest a little to the left, and then lower the chest onto the left leg. The elbows should be aligned underneath the shoulders.
  • Position the elbows in front of the left knee or lower the body even more If the hip permits. Extend the arms on the floor if necessary.
  • Remain in the comfort zone while feeling a good stretch in the left hip.
  • Position both hands underneath the shoulders, and lift the upper body while pressing into the floor, bringing up the chest like a pigeon with a puffed up chest, keeping the shoulders down and away from the ears. No compression in the lower back should be experienced.
  • Come up onto the right knee or shinbone to release. Uncrossing the left leg, straighten it behind you, shaking the foot and leg several times.
  • Repeat on the other side.

Pigeon Pose Benefits:

  • Stretches the hip rotators and the hip flexors
  • Stretches the gluteal, thigh and piriformis muscles
  • Stimulates blood flow to the hip area
  • Helps to alleviate and prevent sciatica
  • Helps to alleviate low back pain
pigeon yoga pose

Image Source: Tina Reale