My Battle With Panic Disorder

Living with Panic Disorder can be debilitating. For the estimated 6 million Americans diagnosed with Panic Disorder, that sudden surge of overwhelming anxiety and fear can be life-limiting.

But there are options, and bringing those attacks under control can bring with it new hope and opportunities. Panic disorders can be treated using a variety of treatment options, from powerful prescription drugs, to cognitive therapy programs. Unfortunately, while those treatment options work for some people, prescription medications can have a high drop-out rate, and behavioral therapies can be lengthy and intensive.

Enter a new, non-invasive at-home treatment that is providing patients with a new option. Called Freespira, this treatment focuses on the physiological component of their panic attacks by normalizing their CO2 and stabilizing their respiratory pattern which has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate their panic symptoms in most patients.

How does it work? We asked Colleen, a 39-year-old program manager who has been living life with Panic Disorder since she was a teenager to tell us about her experiences with Freespira:

Tell us about your battle with panic disorder.

I was first diagnosed when I was just 19 years-old. I landed in the emergency room three times, thinking each time that I was having a heart attack. During my third visit, they made the diagnosis.

That was the beginning of 20 years of treatment. I’ve tried everything: From cognitive therapy to medicine, to biofeedback, to in-life treatment, to ERM training. Any kind of training you can think of, I’ve done it.

What has panic disorder meant to your life?

Panic disorder reduces your world, but I refuse to let my world shrink.

The turning point was when I moved away from my home town for a year. It was a huge leap for me, and the first night there, my knees started shaking while in the checkout line at the local Walmart store because I wasn’t sure I knew how to find my way back to my new home.

I realized then and there that I didn’t have a choice but to function. That was the beginning of a good year for me and I started doing all kinds of things I never would have considered doing before.

But while I have had times like that when I’ve gone into remission, stress will inevitably creep back into my life. Sometimes it comes back with a vengeance.

That’s one of the reasons why I ended up trying Freespira. I will not let my panic disorder define me.

How were you introduced to Freespira?

My therapist introduced me to it. In collaboration with him, I’ve tried many things over the years to bring my panic disorder under control. When he heard about Freespira, we talked about it and decided to see if it would work.

And did it?

Yes. After the first 30 days of using Freespira, my world opened up again.

I have to confess, though, the first week was challenging. But after week three, I felt like all of my systems had been “retuned” — to a point where I was sleeping and breathing better.

Now whenever I go through a moment of stress that previously would have caused me to have an attack, my bodyremains clam and I don’t have those same panic symptoms.

What have been your results?

My results have been priceless.

I had reached a point where my world needed to change. I had a hard time doing a lot of things, like getting on elevators or going around at night.

But after using Freespira, my world has opened up again. And because of it, I can make sure my world doesn’t close in on me again.

Would you recommend it to others?

Absolutely. I talk to everyone about Freespira, what it has meant to me, and how it can be used to manage panic attacks. And I think it is a great option for people who may not like some of the other treatment options. For instance, one of my phobias surrounds taking medications, and for anyone who doesn’t like the chemical route, this should be explored.

I tell people there are two great things about Freespira.

The first thing is, it is portable. With Freespira, you have an approach that you can take with you anywhere and use at any time.

The second is that it is tangible: you can see the results instantly.

And thanks to Freespira, my world is no longer reduced by panic disorder.

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Image Source: Joe Lertola