Drinking 2 to 3 Cups of Coffee Every Day Helps to Reduce Blood Pressure

Individuals who consume 2 or 3 daily cups of coffee have been found to have lower blood pressure compared to individuals who consume only 1 cup or no coffee at all. This is applicable to peripheral as well as central aortic pressure.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCE DOI: 10.3390/nu15020312

Researchers analyzed the correlation between the consumption of coffee and peripheral as well as central blood pressure parameters and the data confirmed the positive impact of coffee consumption on cardiovascular risk.

The study results show that individuals who regularly consume coffee have considerably lower blood pressure, on peripheral as well as central levels, compared to individuals who don’t consume coffee.

In spite of the concerns regarding the negative health effects of coffee, numerous benefits have long since been discovered: a reduced risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and certain liver and neurodegenerative diseases has been found in regular consumers of coffee. It’s however still unclear what these benefits are a result of, and they don’t seem to be directly associated with the caffeine’s effects.

Caffeine is one of a number of components in coffee and evidently not the only component that has an active role. The positive effects on health have also been found even in individuals who drink decaffeinated coffee. It’s known that blood pressure can be increased by caffeine, but this effect appears to be counterbalanced by other bioactive components in coffee that have a positive outcome on blood pressure levels.

To look into these effects, particularly concerning central blood pressure values, the researchers studied a sample of 783 women and 720 men from a sub-group of an observational study. Blood pressure levels and coffee drinking habits, together with various other health data, were compared for each participant.

Individuals consuming 1 to 3 daily cups of coffee had significantly lower peripheral blood pressure compared to those not drinking coffee. The researchers were also able to confirm these effects regarding the central aortic pressure, where a practically identical phenomenon was seen with completely similar values for habitual coffee consumers in comparison to non-coffee consumers.

Data indicate lower blood pressure values for coffee consumers in systolic as well as pulse pressure, and peripheral circulation as well as central aortic pressure. The positive effects of coffee in mitigating cardiovascular disease risk are confirmed by all of the study results.

Drinking 2 To 3 Cups Of Coffee Every Day Helps To Reduce Blood Pressure

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