Do Potatoes Make You Fat?

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The potato is one food type that’s usually avoided by individuals attempting to maintain a healthy weight, but studies have established that there’s no evidence to indicate a link between potato consumption and obesity risk.

Studies have also shown that individuals can include potatoes in their daily diet and still shed unwanted weight. Overweight people were examined over 12 weeks to find out how weight loss was influenced by adding potatoes to a reduced-calorie diet.

The 86 participants were randomly assigned to3 groups with one group having a diet that included 5 to 7 weekly servings of potatoes. The results revealed that the group consuming the potatoes didn’t put on weight, with all 3 groups losing weight.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCE
DOI: 10.1080/07315724.2013.875441

The potatoes’ soluble fiber also assists with weight loss by providing an extended feeling of fullness. The potatoes’ resistant starch occupies space in the gastrointestinal tract which slows digestion down, and this also keeps us feeling full for longer.

One study found that overweight women dropped a few pounds and kept it off when consuming low-energy-dense foods such as potatoes. The study results suggested that low-energy-dense foods helped the individuals participating in the study stay full during the day without needing to eat high-energy-dense foods.2✅ JOURNAL REFERENCE
DOI: 10.1093/jn/nxy041

How many calories in a potato?

Baked potatoes with no topping contain just 93 calories/100g, making them a low-calorie food. Also, not every calorie is absorbed since the potatoes’ resistant starch isn’t easily digestible.

Potatoes aren’t the issue when it comes to gaining weight, the issue is how potatoes are prepared. The calorie content of potatoes will depend on they are cooked.

  • How many calories in potato chips? There are 545 calories/100 grams
  • How many calories in hash browns? There are 326 calories/100 grams
  • How many calories in French fries? There are 312 calories/100 grams
  • How many calories in roast potatoes? There are 149 calories/100 grams
  • How many calories in a baked potato?  There are 93 calories/100 grams
  • How many calories in boiled potatoes? There are 87 calories/100 grams

Potato nutrition facts:

The potato is a great source of a number of nutrients, which include vitamins B6 and C, niacin, pantothenic acid, potassium, as well as dietary fiber. Potato protein contains an essential amino acid known as lysine, which is typically lacking in grains.

Nutritional value of potatoes

  • How many carbs in a potato? There are 17g/100 grams
  • How much fat in a potato? There is 0.1g/100 grams
  • How much protein in a potato? There are 2g/100 grams
  • How many calories in a potato?  There are 77 calories/100 grams

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