Calories Burned Rope Jumping Calculator

Jumping rope to burn calories is a versatile form of cardiovascular exercise that can be done anywhere with a minimum of space and equipment. The calories burned rope jumping depends on your weight, the complexity of the jump rope workout, and the speed of the workout.

The MET value of jumping rope can be used for determining the number of calories you burn while jumping rope. METs, or metabolic equivalents, are used for estimating the energy expended while performing a specific activity.

The jumping rope MET value is 12.3, meaning roughly 12 times the energy that is expended compared to the energy expended while in a state of rest.

So how many calories burned jumping rope can be calculated with this formula: body weight x MET value x 0.0175 x minutes exercised, and this is the formula that the jump rope calorie calculator `makes use of.

How Many Calories Are Burned Jumping Rope

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Calories burned rope jumping calculator

Calories Burned

Making use of a weighted jumping rope will help burn more calories. The additional weight will require the upper body muscles to be engaged, which will transform the jumping rope routine into a conditioning as well as a strength workout.

Making use of high-intensity interval training can also help in burning more calories, which entails adding high-intensity intervals to the workout, followed by interval periods of rest periods which allow for energy recovery.

Calories Burned Jumping Rope Calculator

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