All About Headaches Infographic

Anxiety, fatigue, yawning, mood changes, overall sense of an impending ‘disorder’ for hours or a day could indicate the arrival of a full blown migraine attack.

Up to a third of migraine sufferers with aura have forewarning symptoms even the day before a migraine attack which may well create the chance for intervention and prevention. Later while in the actual migraine episode then a substantial amount of migraine sufferers have aura before a migraine attack, which is characterized by illusions, visual disturbances, zigzag lines, speech disturbances, blind spots and numbness or tingling on one side of the body.

Migraine is for a lot of individuals a lightning storm which begins hours or a day before the storm, much like gathering clouds, and then the thunderous pain of the migraine headache. The premonitory phase is well documented but only recently have researchers considered if migraine could be treatable before an individual is in full migraine attack mode.

Symptoms tend to be easily recognized by sufferers, and can include fatigue, mood changes  (a sense of sadness or euphoria) yawning and pallor, problems with concentration, increasing sensitivity to sound and light and a general feeling that the migraine attack is about to begin. In a number of ways, it’s similar to the PMS that lots of women report before their menstrual period. The premonition is biologic, not psychological.

All About Headaches Infographic

All About Headaches Infographic

Image Source: Mount Sinai
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