10 Health Benefits of Oats (SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN)

3 – Oats and cholesterol

There is a substance in oats called beta-glucan which significantly reduces LDL cholesterol. In people with high cholesterol levels, the intake of the equivalent of three grams of oat fiber daily generally reduces total cholesterol by 8 to 23 percent. Three grams of oat fiber can be had by eating about 1 bowl of oats. There are over forty studies which confirm the ability of oats to reduce unhealthy LDL cholesterol.

What is beta glucan: Oat beta-glucan is a kind of soluble fiber that’s found in the oat grain’s outer layer. Beta glucan is dissolved in the gut, forming a thick gel in the small intestine, which then binds to excess cholesterol. The body then excretes the gel and cholesterol as waste. This helps to reduce cholesterol levels.

Health Benefits of Oats

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