Nutritional Factors That Contribute To Sarcopenia

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Gradual muscle mass loss known as sarcopenia, is a typical result of ageing, and presents a risk of disability in the elderly. Since muscle strength plays a significant part in the risk of falls, sarcopenia contributes to an increased fracture risk as well as other injuries. Nutritional factors contributing to muscle mass loss, or…

Top 10 Exercise Myths Infographic

Top 10 Exercise Myths Infographic

A study confirms that coregasm, female orgasm without sex or fantasies while exercising, is no myth. Accounts of this phenomenon, known as “coregasm” due to its association with core abdominal muscle exercises, have for some time been circulating in the media. The study found that the most common exercises related to orgasm induced by…

Resistance Training Beneficial in Lowering Blood Pressure

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Research shows that resistance training offers similar benefits as aerobic exercise in lowering blood pressure. The researchers investigated changes to arteries as well as blood flow after forty five minutes of moderate intensity resistance exercise making use of equipment like that normally used in fitness centers. They discovered that resistance training led to as…

Effects of Endurance Running

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To examine how endurance runners’ bodies reacted to the conditions of running for an extended period of time, researchers followed them for 2 months over a 4,500-kilometer course making use of a mobile MRI unit. A huge amount of unique data was acquired regarding how the body’s body fat and muscle is affected by…

The Role the Brain Plays in Muscle Fatigue

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How much we’re able to voluntarily activate the muscles is dependent upon will power and motivation or physical condition as well as the degree of muscle fatigue. The latter in particular contributes to measurable and noticeable impairments in performance. Muscle fatigue research has for a long time largely been limited to changes in the…

Exercise Makes You Smarter

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According to a study, exercise makes you smarter. Formerly inactive adults were subjected to 4 months of high-intensity interval training workouts. After the 4 months, their ability to think, remember and make quick decisions had improved noticeably. The blood flow to the brain is increased while exercising. The fitter one is, the more the…

Strength Training Counteracts Muscular Atrophy

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Researchers have concluded that progressive strength training can counteract age related muscular atrophy. Sarcopenia or age related muscular atrophy can start as early as age 20. The rate of sarcopenia accelerates as we age; and from 50 to 70 years of age, we lose 30 percent of our muscle strength. Maintaining muscle strength as…

Benefits of Regular Exercise Infographic

Benefits of Regular Exercise Infographic

According to research, exercise helps bring about brain changes which can protect against cognitive decline in individuals at high risk, which includes Alzheimer’s disease. The study indicates that the benefits of exercise to brain function could be even greater for individuals at genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease compared to those without the genetic risk….

Study Reveals That Neck Pain is More Common in Women Than Men

8 Yoga Poses for Neck and Shoulders

Researchers reveal that neck pain is more prevalent in women when compared to men, regardless of age or occupation. Young women who are stressed have more neck pain compared to their male counterparts. Everyday life is also seen to be more stressful by women. There’s a continuing debate as to why joint and muscle…

LDL Cholesterol Needed to Gain More Muscle Mass

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Low-density lipoprotein, usually referred to as LDL cholesterol, the so called “bad cholesterol”, might not be so bad after all, in particular with individuals who exercise. Researchers reveal that LDL cholesterol isn’t as bad as it’s been made out to be recently and that new attitudes should be put into practice regarding the substance….