Carb Calculator

First establish your daily calorie requirements with the daily calorie intake calculator. Then use the carb calculator below to calculate the carb protein fat ratio in calories and grams. You can use a preset ratio or enter your own ratios in the appropriate spaces.

The preset carb protein fat ratios are as follows:

Very Low Carb ratio, Low Carb ratio, Moderate Carb ratio, USDA Guideline ratio, Zone Diet ratio, and a Bodybuilding Diet ratio.

Preset ratios can also be modified according to your requirements. For many diets a good starting point will be to adjust your daily carb intake ratio.

Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are broken down in the intestine. Carbohydrates into sugars, proteins into amino acids, and fats into fatty acids and glycerol. The human body makes use of these three macronutrients to build components it needs for growing, maintaining, and activity.

Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are macronutrients that make up the bulk of the diet. They are all required to supply energy and many essential nutrients. Too little of any one macronutrient can lead to hunger cravings.

Enter your calories per day, meals and ratio percentages (enter number only). You can also select one of the predetermined ratios by clicking the appropriate button.


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Good Carbs Vs. Bad Carbs Infographic
Image Source: Online Nutrition Degrees