The Potato Unpeeled Infographic

Researchers claim that eating potatoes only once or twice every day can reduce high blood pressure nearly as much as oatmeal without leading to weight gain.

The study was done eating potatoes prepared without oil. Even though the scientists made use of purple potatoes, they are convinced that eating potatoes with red skins as well as white potatoes could have the same outcomes.

The potato, more than maybe every other veggie, comes with an undeserved negative reputation that’s led a lot of health-conscious individuals to exclude them from their diet. Talk about ‘potato’ and folks assume ‘high-carbs, empty calories, fattening’. In fact, whenever prepared free of frying and served with no margarine, sour or cream butter, 1 spud has just 110 calories and lots of healthy vitamins and phytochemicals.

In the research, 18 individuals who had been primarily overweight with high blood pressure consumed 6 to 8 purple potatoes together with skins twice a day for a month. They utilized purple potatoes due to the fact that the pigment, or color, in vegetables and fruit is particularly full of valuable phytochemicals. Researchers examined the individuals’ blood pressure, both diastolic and systolic. The average diastolic blood pressure decreased by 4.3% and the systolic blood pressure dropped by 3.5%.  Nearly all subjects took high blood pressure drugs yet still experienced a decrease in blood pressure. Not one of the individuals gained weight.

Different research has uncovered compounds in potatoes with effects within the body much like the ones from the commonly used ACE-inhibitor drugs, a mainstay for the treatment of high blood pressure. Various other phytochemicals found in potatoes exist in quantities that can compare to broccoli, spinach as well as Brussels sprouts, and could also be involved.

Regrettably for potato chip and French fry lovers, those high cooking temperatures appear to destroy almost all of the healthy compounds inside a potato, leaving mostly starch, fat and minerals.

The purple potatoes made use of to reduce high blood pressure in this research have become extensively obtainable in supermarkets and particularly in farmers’ markets and specialty food stores .

The Potato Unpeeled Infographic

The Potato Unpeeled Infographic

Image Source: Go Ireland
References: DOI: 10.1021/jf2045262