5 Proven Health Benefits of Ginger

5.  Ginger may be a potential treatment for ovarian cancer

Researchers have found in lab studies that ginger induces death in ovarian cancer cells. Also, how the cells died indicates that ginger may circumvent the common problem that ovarian cancer cells become resistant to standard treatments.1✅ JOURNAL REFERENCE
DOI: 10.1186/1472-6882-7-44

Ginger powder was used, a lot like what is sold at grocers, but a standardized research grade ginger powder. The powder was applied to ovarian cancer cell cultures after being dissolved in a solution. Ginger caused death of cells in all of the tested ovarian cancer cell lines.

The researchers also discovered that ginger resulted in 2 kinds of cell death. One kind of cell death, called apoptosis, is a result of cancer cells basically committing suicide. Autophagy is the other kind, which results from cells attacking or digesting themselves.

The majority of patients with ovarian cancer develop recurring disease that sooner or later becomes resistant to chemotherapy, which is related to apoptosis resistance. According to the researchers, ginger may evade resistance to chemotherapy if it can result in asapoptosis as well autophagic cell death.

Ginger is effective for inflammation control, and inflammation leads to ovarian cancer cell development. The researchers suspect that by stopping the inflammatory reaction, ginger also stops the growth of cancer cells.

The study found that ginger caused cell death in ovarian cancer cells at a comparable rate to the chemotherapy drugs normally made use of for treating ovarian cancer.

Ginger Benefits Infographic

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