How To Keep Your Fitness Regime When On Holiday

We strive to get into shape for our annual summer holiday, but it rarely crosses our minds to keep up our fitness regime when we arrive at our holiday destination. Luckily, keeping up your fitness regime abroad doesn’t mean paying out for the expensive facilities your hotel (or cruise ship) has to offer. At least you can make good use of the swimming pool and take advantage of the afternoon water aerobics class! Before you pack your most chic workout clothes and EHIC, here’s how to keep your fitness regime when on holiday.

Schedule Your Workouts

The ultimate way to keep up your fitness regime when on holiday is to schedule your workouts – it’s simple. Taking time to plan your workouts for the week, or two, ahead is the most effective way to make sure you stay on track. Whilst it’s not always possible to keep your fitness regime when on holiday, scheduling your workouts will certainly help!

Put Exercise First

We know you’d rather lounge by the pool for an hour or two more than heading to the air-conditioned hotel gym, but in order to keep your fitness regime when on holiday, you need to put exercise first. By putting exercise first, you are less likely to miss a workout, and enjoy doing your fitness regime in a new environment, rather than in the cold at home. Plus, when you think about it, allocating between 20 to 30 minutes of each day to exercise is nothing! You’ll feel much better afterwards, too!

Exercise Together

A great way to keep your fitness regime when on holiday is by exercising alongside who you travel with! Whilst they may not want to move a muscle, having an exercise buddy can motivate you to exercise, and even if you don’t work out together at the same time, it will almost certainly make you think twice about going to the afternoon buffet for a second time.

Take Advantage Of Offers

Depending on when you go on holiday, you may get the opportunity to take advantage of seasonal offerings. You may be able to bag a class package for half the normal cost during the holidays! Even if your hotel doesn’t have a gym, you may be able to buy a weekly pass for a fitness centre close by, or be able to perform some basic moves in your hotel room, so there really isn’t any excuse for skipping your fitness regime! Plus, swimming is a great all-round activity, and we’re almost certain your hotel has a swimming pool!

Plan For Travel

To keep your fitness regime when on holiday, you need to consider the time spent travelling from one country to another. Whilst it’s not always possible to whip out your yoga mat 10,000 feet up in the air, for healthy travelling, you can take regular walks up the aisle and eat real food – no matter how tempting a ready meal or takeout may be when you arrive!

The 7 Minute Workout Infographic

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