How Long Does it Take Eyes to Heal After Laser Eye Surgery?

So it seems the menu is being drawn closer to your face, and the print is more difficult to read, it may be time for some laser eye surgery for which there are many different types based on your need. This type of surgical treatment is very popular today with many practices performing multiple cases successfully daily even in an office setting. Laser eye surgery is a great choice if one has depended on glasses or contact lenses and would like to be free from that burden.

It is also great if there has been deterioration of the eyes that can be corrected. These various procedures at Optilase correct farsightedness, near-sightedness, and astigmatism and more with very little inconvenience or down time. Long gone are the days of hospital stays or lengthy recovery periods as it deals with eyes. Laser eye surgery is widely practiced and accepted throughout the world in most countries today with the success rate being quite favourable.

The option to be spectacle-free is one that should make one let out a sigh of relief that there is another alternative to the cumbersome nature of glasses or corrective lenses. If you want the freedom to experience life from professional to recreational matters, it is time to consider this as an option and great choice.

The procedure requires the physician to shape the cornea that may sound complicated or dangerous; however this thought may be far from accurate. The surgery permanently changes the clear covering at the front of the eye known as the cornea. It uses an Excimer Laser which cuts the flap in the cornea. It sounds harsh, but it really is quite tolerable. Shape of the eye but with lasers it is not very much so and does not take more than fifteen minutes to perform.

It is a surgical procedure, so there is some healing and recovery time necessary to optimize the results to 20/20 sight. Depending on the physician used determines the proper protocol and healing time can vary. There is a chance that one may have any or all of the following happen: inflammation, blurred vision, eye strain, tearing, or light sensitivity. In most cases depending on the prescription level one may notice visual improvement 6 to 8 hours into the recovery period. The period immediately after which is 24 to 48 hours is crucial to healing and offsetting any complications that could arise. Think about the results and know that this bit of inconvenience is well worth this period.

The doctor will want to do a follow up during this time to ensure eyes are healing properly with most clients able to return to work or normal activities the next day or at least within 2 days after surgery. The healing will continue up to 3 months after surgery with some experiences of the feeling of an eyelash in the eye or sensitivity to light that are to be expected but will subside over this time. Though every case is personal and different many times the full healing period could be up to 6 months total time but the clarity is worth every minute

There are also some things one can do to speed possibly up the recovery or healing time such as bringing a person to drive after so that recovery begins without having to worry about driving. It is also a great idea to follow the doctors’ orders to the letter without deviation. There should be eye drops that are required to be placed in the eyes immediately, and that should be done to lessen the chance of excessive dry eyes. With the follow-up visit within the initial two day period right after surgery, there will be a determination of the level of driving that should be done.

There are other precautionary details that should be understood that will make the healing process as easy as possible. There may be necessity to do a bit of maintenance down the road so keep that in mind. Remember this is a drastic change so don’t worry so much about the issues that come with healing instead focus on the end result with the knowledge that over the next few months your eye sight will get better and better. Keep your eyes on the prize better vision.

Laser Eye Surgery Explained

Laser Eye Surgery Explained

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