Benefits Of Shalabhasana Yoga Pose (The Full Locust Pose)

The full locust pose benefits the buttocks, lower back, and backs of the thighs. The full locust pose firms the upper arms, helps to relieve posture and lower back problems, improving concentration, energizing the entire body, and increasing circulation.

How to do the full locust pose:

1. Start by lying on the stomach with the chin resting on the floor and arms at the sides. Keep the legs slightly apart.

2. Bring the arms out to the sides in a T position, and point the toes while engaging the leg muscles.

3. While inhaling deeply, lift the arms, legs, shoulders, and head simultaneously. The head can be lifted to align with the arms, but ensure the back of the neck doesn't feel pinched.

4. While exhaling, bring the arms back slightly, as if you were a glider.

5. Maintain the posture for a few breaths, and imagine soaring through the sky.

6. Slowly lower the legs, arms, shoulders, and head.

7. Relax and rest the head to the side for several moments as the energy streams through the body.

Full Locust Pose Benefits:

  • Strengthens abdominal muscles and spine
  • Strengthens the triceps, trapezius and deltoids
  • Firms the upper thighs, buttocks and hips
  • Improves the flexibility of the lower spine
  • Increases elasticity of the rib cage
Full Locust Pose

Image Source: We Are Yoga

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