A 20 Minute Workout To Help Fight Fatigue And Tiredness

Camel pose: 1 minute

As your final exercise, the Camel pose will further stretch the spine and open the chest and heart to energy.

What to do: Start by kneeling at the front of your exercise mat with knees directly under the hips. Reach around with the left hand back toward the left ankle or heel, and then reach the right hand toward the right ankle or heel. The hands are there for balance, not weight bearing. Lean back as you shift your weight forward onto the knees, increasing the stretch in the quads, abdominals and chest. Relax the neck and allow the head to “hang” behind you, and hold for 1-minute as you breathe deeply in and out.
camel pose

Image Source: We Are Yoga

Finished! A simple bodyweight workout that you can perform at home or the gym in 20 minutes that will fight fatigue, improve your fitness and energy levels as you burn calories.



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