6 Unusual And Easy Ways to Help Lose Weight

1. Eat Chocolate

Eating any kind of chocolate at least five times per week leads to weight loss, according to medical school professor Dr. Beatrice Golomb. Her research shows that a girl weighing 120 pounds is likely to lose five pounds by doing so.

Sounds too good to be true? Professor Lambert of Penn State University discovered that cacao, chocolate’s pure form, has chemicals that stop dietary fat digestion in your gut. Thus instead of absorbing these fats into your body you pass them with your stool, which keeps you from gaining weight!

The bacteria in your gut also convert cacao’s fiber into good chemicals that make you feel full, making you eat less.

If you decide on this chocolate weight loss regimen, make sure to choose a cup of daily hot dark chocolate with stevia. Stevia has no calories and dark chocolate has a high cacao content. Cacao has few calories and is rich in healthy chemicals. In fact, scientists discovered it’s good for your heart and reduces overall inflammation. Thus, it’s a safe and perfectly healthy drink.


2. Go Earthing

Believe it or not, standing barefoot on the bare earth for 10 or 15 minutes daily helps regulate your metabolism. This is called earthing and numerous clinical studies have found that doing so daily not only leads to weight loss, but protects your heart, supports your immune system, reduces inflammation, clears toxins, and regulates your hormones as well.

Why does it work? When your cells “breathe” or perform their daily activities they produce toxin byproducts that can harm you and give you a heavy electric charge. When you make bare contact with the earth, you absorb its natural supply of electrons, which neutralize any irregular electric charge your body has and stabilizes these toxic byproducts.

Your body’s electric field regulates your biological clocks, which influence your hormones and other systems. Thus, an irregular charge disrupts these rhythms and causes irregular hormone secretion. Affected hormones include insulin and others that are responsible for your metabolism. Cortisol is responsible for inflammation response and is affected as well. Earth’s electrons stabilize your bioelectric field, thus normalizing your system. Thus, earthing regulates your insulin, glycogen, and cortisol levels, which repairs your body’s inflammation response and metabolism to healthy levels.

Although earthing barefoot is best, keep in mind that there are parasites that can enter the soles of your feet through your skin’s pores. Thus, go earthing with socks on or buy special earthing shoes – your body will still absorb earth’s healing electrons, although less efficiently. Not to worry, this just means you’ll have to enjoy the outdoors for a few minutes longer everyday to get the same benefits as earthing barefoot!


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