5 Must Have Accessories For Healthy Eating On The Go

1. Meal Cooler Bag

One of the greatest challenges facing those of us who are either on a strict diet plan or who are just trying to eat healthy is the accessibility of suitable meals while on the go. Well, with the ISOBAG™ by Isolator Fitness, meals can be prepared and packed for the entire day. Up to 4 containers of food can be packed in the 3 meal size bag, and up to 8 containers in the 6 meal bag.

The bags come with 2 sets of reusable, plastic food storage containers, providing the convenience of always having a clean set for the next day.

Also included which fit into designated side pouches, are freeze-able ISObricks, much like gel ice bags, but much more durable. There is a zipped and insulated compartment on each side of the bag where beverages can chill out.

Available from: Isolator Fitness, also on Facebook


2. Snack Containers

These novel reusable “Snack Attack” containers are convenient for packing carrots or celery and dips to go with them.

Each set has two separate containers which attach together, a container for carrots or celery, and another for dips. The veggies and dips are kept fresh and cool with airtight lids, and the BPA free containers will prevent crushing.

Available from: Amazon

snack attack containers

3. Portion Control Disposable Plates

Researchers have shown that selecting the correct plate size can help us eat less.

Bigger plates can result in servings of 9% to 31% more, which means extra calories, and just 50 additional calories a day could result in 5 lbs of weight gain a year.

These disposable portion control plates can help to prevent binge eating, and ensure that the right kinds and correct quantities of food are eaten. Eating on the go makes it difficult to control portions, but these biodegradable plates have 3 demarcated sections which make it easier to eat the right quantities.

There are also icons which depict the food groups for that section of the plate, making it easier to make healthier food choices.

portion control plates

4. Reusable Food Savers

These easy to use reusable silicone “Food Huggers” keep cut leftover veggies and fruit fresh for longer. They can also be used for covering opened cans or jars.

The FDA grade silicone stretches over the cut surface of produce creating a tight seal which keeps the air out. Food Huggers are BPA-free and phthalate-free, and come in 4 overlapping sizes which fit together so they can be packed flat.

Available from: Food Huggers

food huggers

5. Cucumber Infuser Water Bottle

It’s easy to forget to stay hydrated when on the go, and even easier to make the wrong beverage choices. Staying hydrated has numerous health benefits, and inadequate hydration can result in various disorders such as fatigue and headaches.

Not only do cucumbers also hydrate, but they are also full of nutrients, and as many of us are not great fans of plain water, drinking cucumber infused water is a refreshing way to stay hydrated.

This useful infuser bottle has a spiral slicer incorporated into the lid for adding spiral cut cucumber to the water.

Available from: Uncommon Goods

Cucumber Infuser Water Bottle

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