10 Things You Need To Know About The Ketogenic Diet

10. Recommendations

All diets reduce or manipulate the intake of either proteins, fats, or carbohydrates to achieve their weight loss effects. Supporters of ketogenic diets believe that carbohydrates are the reason why people gain weight. Carbs cause unstable blood sugar levels due to their rapid absorption into the bloodstream followed by an overproduction of insulin.

The ketogenic diet and resulting ketosis produce energy without the production of insulin as the body rather burns fat deposits for energy. Reducing carbs reduces insulin production but also forces the body to burn its own fat deposit for energy, making the ketogenic diet a powerful way to achieve rapid weight loss.

What you should know: As with any diet or new approach to health, always consult your medical health care provider to ensure that a ketogenic diet is safe for you and won’t impact your health adversely.

Image Source: My Keto Kitchen


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