10 Proven Ways to Improve Your Emotional Resilience

5. Working on your problem solving skills is a proven way to improve emotional resilience

Facing your problems is a vital aspect of building resilience. If you are unable to resolve your problems then you will struggle with being resilient. Just waiting for a problem to resolve itself might work sometimes, but usually it will only prolong and aggravate the situation. Get into the habit of dealing with problems as they present themselves, regardless of how trivial. You will be better prepared to deal with a major crisis if you regularly practice your problem solving skills.

What to do: Get a thorough understanding of the problem before you come up with a solution. Think of more than one potential solution and then determine which one of the solutions will deliver the best results. Put it into action and see it as a learning experience if it doesn’t work out.
Problem Solving Infographic

Image Source: The Practical Leader

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