10 Proven Ways To Help Prevent Depression

4. Choose intrinsic over extrinsic goals to help prevent depression

Having goals is good, and you should make goals that do require some effort to reach. Research has however shown that when we are more focused on meeting intrinsic goals we are more likely to have experiences that support our happiness and well-being.[4] Intrinsic goals are those that satisfy our own basic psychological needs rather than rely on the judgment or approval of others.

Examples of intrinsic goals are self-acceptance and physical fitness. Extrinsic goals are focused on external reward and praise from others. Examples of extrinsic goals are fame and financial wealth.

What to do: When you plan your goals, ask yourself why you want to achieve them and identify them to see if they are intrinsic or extrinsic.

Choose intrinsic over extrinsic goals to help prevent depression

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