10 Proven Ways To Help Prevent Depression

10. Take care of others to help prevent depression

Until now, we’ve talked about how to take care of yourself, but focusing your time on others and helping those around you has been shown to help reduce the risk of depression.

People who participate in activities that aim to help others have a smaller chance of developing depression. [13]

What to do: Volunteering with people or animals can be a great way to try this out. Sometimes you don’t need to make a huge gesture or commitment. If you can go a few times, you’ll have a better chance at preventing depression.
Take care of others to help prevent depression

Image Source: fundersandfounders

About The Author:

Irene Garcia Calvo is a writer at CogniFit, the leader in neuropsychological assessments. She is continuing her studies in Basic Psychology and plans to continue a career in Clinical Psychology.

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