10 Proven Ways How To Stay Calm Under Pressure

10. Congratulate yourself to help stay calm

We all know that staying calm in a tough situation isn’t always easy. It requires patience, practice, and a big effort on your part. So, if you get through one of these unpleasant situations with a steady head, congratulate yourself. Be proud that you were able to calm yourself down and act in an appropriate way!

What to do: Tell yourself “good job!” If it was a particularly difficult situation, reward yourself with something small. If there was something you think you could have done better, acknowledge it and move on!
How to Stay Calm Infographic

Image Source: Pounds to Pocket

About The Author:

Marina Vázquez is a psychologist and writer at CogniFit, the leader in cognitive assessments. She is currently studying health psychology and clinical neuropsychology, and is an active member of various humanitarian and emergency aide organizations.




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