10 Proven Ways How to Stop Negative Thinking

3. Don’t try read minds

Many negative thoughts come from “reading people’s minds”. We think we know what others are thinking, but how can we really be sure? For example, if we see someone we know and they didn’t stop to say hi, we might start to think “it’s because they don’t like me”. No one has the ability to read minds, so don’t let yourself try to tell you that you do.

What can you do? Since we know that you’re not a mind-reader, think like a scientist. “Do I have any evidence to why this would be true? Can I be sure that my colleague doesn’t like me? Has he ever told me?” Rather than thinking that you’re the problem, remind yourself that maybe it has nothing to do with you. Maybe he is having a bad day, or maybe he was lost in thought… it happens to everyone!

reading minds

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