10 Health Benefits of Oats (SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN)

10 – Oats and the immune system

Researchers have found that beta glucans found in oats boost the immune system against viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi.[8]

Nutrients in oats

Oats are a great source of phosphorus, selenium and manganese. They’re a good source of soluble dietary fiber, iron and magnesium, vitamin B1.

History of oats

Oats was one of the first cereals to be cultivated although the ancient Romans and Greeks saw oats as a kind of weed appropriate only for barbarians and horses. Cultivated oats arrived in America in the early 1600s with the first British immigrants. The biggest cultivators of oats are the U.S., Poland, Germany and Russia.

Health Benefits of Oats

Image Source: Quaker Oats


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