10 Health Benefits of Bananas (SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN)

2 – Bananas for diarrhea

In a study, 3 groups of children with diarrhea were tested. The 1st group was treated with a diet which included bananas, the 2nd group was treated with pectin, and the 3rd group was given plain rice.

Eighty-two percent of the banana group recovered within 4 days.[5]

What is banana oil: Banana oil is the common term for the chemical compound correctly referred to as amyl acetate (C7H14O2). It’s a clear liquid ester derived from amyl alcohol, and despite the fact that its scent strongly smells like bananas, it isn’t found in part of the banana tree. It’s made use of in a variety of products, such as chewing gum and perfume (for its flavor and its odor), and nail polish remover (for its solvent capability).

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