10 Health Benefits of Almonds (SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN)

1. Almonds and diabetes

Research has shown that eating almonds can help type 2 diabetes patients maintain their blood glucose levels.

One study showed that eating 1 ounce of almonds immediately before a high-starch meal resulted in a 30% reduction in post-meal glucose levels for type 2 diabetes patients, in comparison to a 7% reduction for non-diabetics.

In another study, 137 people who had an elevated risk of diabetes were randomly assigned to eat 43g of almonds a day or no almonds for 4 weeks. People who ate the almonds felt less hungry and they had lower postprandial blood glucose levels.

Studies have also showed an inverse relationship between regular nut consumption and diabetes.

Almonds nutritional value per 100g:

  • How many calories in almonds – 576
  • How much protein is in almonds – 21g
  • How many carbs in almonds – 22g
  • What is the fat content of almonds – 49g
Almonds and diabetes

Image Source: kindaeasyrecipes

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