10 of the Worst Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

5. Artificial food additives are one of the worst inflammatory foods to avoid

Food additives can only be found in packaged foods; these consist of monosodium glutamate (MSG) and aspartame. These have been reported to trigger inflammation, even more so in people that already suffer from arthritis. MSG has been associated with palpitations of the heart, muscle weakness, and numbness. To further prove the ill effects MSG can cause, a study found constant consumption of products that contain MSG can lead to obesity, inflammation in the liver and heart disease.[5]

What to do: It is nearly impossible to eliminate MSG from your diet entirely as it can be found in most commercially prepared packaged foods; other main culprits include restaurants and Chinese takeaways. When shopping, check the labels for any indication of MSG being present. The only sure way to avoid MSG is to use natural ingredients when cooking, and avoid buying any flavored mixes, processed flavored products or sauces.

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