10 of the Worst Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

1. White sugar is one of the worst inflammatory foods to avoid

Sugar is found everywhere; in soft drinks, candies, snacks, pastries and fast foods to name but a few. It can result in tooth decay and is linked to type 2 diabetes along with a higher risk of obesity and heart-related diseases. In 2011, Lustig and Garber conducted a study to find out if fast food was addictive when soda was included. They saw that the sugar intake increased ten-fold when soda accompanied fast food.[1]

What to do: Essentially, there are a few alternatives you can consider. For sweetening foods and drinks, you can opt for honey, molasses or stevia. For use on desserts or a snack, fruit preserves (with no added sugar), such as fresh or dried fruits, dates, and berries can help you satisfy your sweet tooth. These also come with the added benefit of supplying you with fiber, vitamins and much needed antioxidants.
reasons to quit sugar infographic

Image Source: The Candida Diet

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