Are Pistachios Fattening?

Research has proven that pistachios can be a part of a healthy diet, even for people trying to manage or lose weight.

The fat found in pistachios is not entirely absorbed by the human body. Research shows that pistachios could actually contain less calories than originally believed. The study shows pistachios as having 160 calories per 30 gram serving, making pistachios one of the nuts with the least calories. The study highlights the useful role pistachios can play in a healthy diet.

Another study explored how diet and lifestyle influences long term weight gain. The study found that the consumption of nuts was inversely linked to weight gain with nuts having a -.57 pound impact on body weight. This is contrary to the common misperception of excluding nuts from the diet to reduce caloric intake.

Pistachios have also been shown to be a “mindful snack” with regards to taking longer to eat and the person being more conscious of what they are eating. People who eat un-shelled nuts eat 41% less calories compared to those who eat shelled nuts.

Choosing to eat pistachios instead of pretzels supports weight loss and weight management goals. In a study, 52 obese and overweight individuals went on a 500 calorie deficit diet. Some were allocated to a group that had pistachio snacks of about 75 pistachios giving 240 calories. The others were allocated to a group of pretzel snacks that had about 2 ounces of pretzels giving 220 calories. The group that snacked on the pistachios had greater success with their weight loss or weight management goals.

Pistachios are also a useful source of dietary fiber as well as protein.

Nuts About Nuts Infographic

Nuts About Nuts Infographic

Image Source: Kathryn Camille Fitness
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